Additional Participation Information:
Consent, Questionnaires, Etc.

Study Kits - Each participant will receive a kit that contains the necessary blood-drawing supplies, paperwork, and pre-printed return shipping label. After receiving the kit, the participant will first need to read and evaluate the Informed Consent Form for the LFRR.

The Consent Form - This consent form contains the same information seen on this website along with information about the federal guidelines followed to ensure the protection of human subjects in research. The recruiter will answer any questions about this form. Participation in the LFRR is voluntary. If a potential participant understands and agrees to the terms of the Informed Consent Form, he/she will sign in the space provided on the last page.

Questionnaire(s) - Each participant is requested to complete a questionnaire that takes about 30 minutes to complete. Participants who have been diagnosed with lupus will be asked to complete an additional short questionnaire that contains questions specific to lupus symptoms and treatment.

The Blood Draw - About six tablespoons (1/6 of a Red Cross donation unit) of blood will be drawn from each adult participant. Adults have eight to 10 quarts of blood circulating throughout their bodies. The amount removed for the Registry will not appreciably affect one's health. For children, a smaller amount of blood is drawn, depending on their size. The guideline of one teaspoon of blood for every 10 pounds of the child's weight is followed.

Where to go for the Draw - Each participant may have his/her blood drawn at the clinic, lab, or hospital of his/her choice. Some of these facilities are helpful when they know that it is for medical research. Others will not be able to accommodate this request. The recruiter will assist each participant in making arrangements for the blood draw. On the day the blood is drawn, the blood samples and paperwork are returned to the LFRR by overnight courier. The LFRR pays all shipping costs and, if needed, the recruiter will make arrangements for package pick up.

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